[99th Cruise Report]Learning about Mayan Culture and World Views with Rosalina Tuyuc, founder of CONAVIGUA (la Coordinadora Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala) and Mayan Indigenous Rights Activist


Rosalina Tuyuc, founder of CONAVIGUA (a Guatemalan human rights organization) and Mayan indigenous rights activist gave a talk on traditional Mayan culture and herbal remedies. “Mayans worship the four elements of nature–earth, water, fire, and air. Humans are merely one part of the earth. We cannot destroy nature,” said Rosalina. She concluded the lecture by saying, “Over generations, Mayan women inherited invaluable wisdoms and techniques from their ancestors. We believe that this kind of passing along of knowledge is vital. I hope that when you visit Guatemala, you take the opportunity to see how local people live there.” We are all excited to visit Guatemala!