[99th Cruise Report]Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala


Today we arrived in a country at the heart of the Mayan Civilisation, Guatemala, and today we visited the former Guatemalan capital of Antigua, located at an elevation of 1500m. From the taxi, we can see Fuego Volcano, which erupted on June 3 and resulted in 60 deaths. Onboard fundraising events were held in support of those affected by the eruption of Fuego Volcano, which we were donated upon the ships arrival in port.


Located around 1.5 hours from the port by car, Antigua is a world heritage listed site, and has survived and been remade despite damage from earthquakes, floods, and fires. At the centre of town lies the symbol of the city, the cathedral where the patron saint, Saint Santiago, watches over.


From the center of town we made our way to Santa Clara Monastery which was built in 1699 but later destroyed during an earthquake in 1717. The monastery was rebuilt in 1743 before being destroyed again in another large-scale earthquake in 1773, leaving the ruins that are visible today.


Next was the church of San Francisco, built in 1579. In the chapel inside lies the remains of Brother Peter, revered as the patron saint for the sick and injured.


Just outside the center of town is the clock and the Santa Catalina Arch. Passing through this leads to…


A church known throughout the Americas as an example of religious art, La Merced Church. Built by artisan plasterers from Mexico, the church is held up as the pinnacle of religious art in Central and South America. With its light yellow colouring and intricate designs, it is a beautiful sight to behold.


Last is of course the shopping. With bags, coasters, and bed covers in a range of colours, it’s hard to pick just one thing to take home.


The end to a fantastic day in Antigua, but this was only Day 1!