[100th Cruise Report]Last Live Concert Onboard, “Our Voice” – Wen Yuju & Kojima Keitani Love



Guest educators Wen Yuju and Kojima Keitani Love joined us from Xiamen. Today their last live on board performance “Our Voice” was held. Novelist Wen Yuju, held the mic in her hand speaking softly and with purpose as she wove a tapestry of words. Wen Yuju was born in Taipei, Taiwan but has lived in Tokyo with her Taiwanese parents since she was 3 years old. She writes novels and essays using a unique form of Japanese that combines Chinese languages as spoken by her parents and relatives from mainland China and Taiwan. Along with Wen Yuju, the melodious voice of Kojima Keitani Love flows seamlessly with the sound of the guitar. Kojima is a singer and songwriter who has worked on countless songs for television shows, commercials, and theme songs.


Seeing as both of them will be disembarking in Singapore, this was their last on board performance and it was a full house. Members from the onboard songwriting workshop joined them on stage to sing together. Wen and Keitani were greeted with a resounding round of applause after they performed a song and poem which they composed during their time on board. The sounds, voices, words, and melodies were particularly touching for all of us who have travelled together on this journey.