[100th Cruise Report]New Year


With just a short time left of the year 2018, the countdown party onboard the Ocean Dream began. Participants reflected back on their year to the soothing sounds of live piano.


10, 9, 8… the new year has begun! Everyone’s emotions turn from reflections on the past year, to excited expectations for the new one. Let’s be thankful that we have both enough peace and health to enjoy travelling on this journey around the world together. We hope that 2019 will be a wonderful year, with new friends made on the voyage.


The ship sails to the west, bringing in the new year. Many participants gathered on the back deck to see the first sunrise of 2019. While unfoertunately the sky was covered in thick cloud, it was great to spend this time together with new friends onboard. “Happy new year!” “Let’s make this a great journey and year together!” Even without seeing the sun rise, such greetings made a really warm atmosphere.


Many traditional Japanese elements such as a sake barrel breaking and performance of Kokura Gion Drumming took place to mark the new year’s celebrations.


100th Voyage Director, Tanaka Yosuke, shared a New Year’s Greeting with all onboard. “We are so glad to spend this new year together with you all. Travel makes peace. We will continue to carry out these voyages until our children’s and grandchildren’s generations.” Met by a great applause, this was a moment where all really felt that the 100th Global Voyage has truly begun.


On the 8th floor free space, the “Peace Boat Shrine” made by participants themselves was set up. Many people dressed up in kimonos to take commemorative photos together.


Tonight’s dinner is “Osechi Ryori,” a traditional meal eaten in Japan on New Year’s Eve. The tables were covered in beautiful traditioanl designs, and people enjoyed both the meal and the special atmosphere. From here, both the new year and the new voyage will continue around the world.