[100th Cruise Report]8 years on from the disaster


Eight years have now passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11. Many of the passengers onboard were either directly affected, or had friends or relatives in the Tohoku area, and whilst some pains have eased over time, the tragedy is far from forgotten. Thinking about the damage wrought that day, people kept in mind that living is not something to be taken for granted, that tomorrow may indeed not come, and to be grateful once again for the time that we do all have.


Throughout the ship many different events commemorating the disaster took place, with one event in Starlight Lounge involving post-disaster volunteers speaking about their experiences. “I visited the homes of people affected by the disaster, and listened to their stories. As I went about my work, I heard some of the most horrifying and tragic stories, and I worried about what I could do. As I was on the verge of feeling hopeless and powerless, some people told me that just me being there really helped, and that gave me the strength to carry on”. Time may have passed, but the disaster is far from forgotten.


At 2:46pm a moment’s silence was held. Everyone each held their own thoughts and emotions to bear, and was reminded of how lucky we all are to be alive. To look out at the world and see all the things we love bathed in shining light. We continue on our voyage grateful once again to live, and to continue on our way.