[101st Cruise Report]Social Entrepreneur talks leadership – Ada Ho

April. 27th

Social Entrepreneur talks leadership – Ada Ho (Paxxioneer, community organizer)


Today’s guest lecturer was Hong Kong native, entrepreneur, and community organiser Ada Ho. With her internet startup Paxxioneer, she aims to connect travelers with local people to create a richer, more educational form of travel, and in 2009 she co-founded social business L plus H Fashion. By giving people with limited access to services employment opportunities, she’s helping create the new generation of Hong Kong fashion designers, technicians, and garment makers. Her lecture was focused on leadership that can change society, and how it can be used to make a better world.


Ada spoke upon the idea of Adaptive Leadership, and the differences between adaptive problems and technical problems, giving several examples to illustrate the differences between the two. People often fear or resist change, so even if a given problem is resolved, the mindset of the person needs to be changed. Ada also spoke about how leadership could be exercised even through small actions, and her powerful lecture had many people eagerly looking up when her next lecture would be.