[101st Cruise Report]Onboard Sports Day



Today was the day for one of the biggest events onboard, the Onboard Sports Day! With not a cloud in the sky, progressively more and more passengers came out to participate and enjoy the day. This voyage was themed on the 5 continents, as the voyage will visit all five, and passengers were divided up in the red, green, yellow, and blue teams. With flying colours and the sound of drums and cheers, it was time for the day to begin!



Games for the day consisted of skipping rope, ball throwing, and other games often commonly seen in Japanese sports carnivals.


In the afternoon, the first event of the day was the cheering competition. Teams finally had the opportunity to show off the results of all their hard work, and where some teams went for beautiful performances, others showed displays of strength, electrifying the atmosphere.


At last, the winner of Sports Day for the 101st Voyage was the Yellow Team! Many people expressed how much they enjoyed the the day, and how many new friends they were able to make, in this multinational, intergenerational, multilingual Sports Day of 1000 participants. In the end everyone was able to come together to enjoy what turned out to be a fantastic day.