[101st Cruise Report]Cruising the Suez Canal



Today was one the highlights of the voyage, cruising through the Suez Canal. People started lining the decks of the ship from 5am, when the ship first entered into the Canal. The heat of the day hadn’t yet quite picked up, and it was still just a touch cool in the morning. Slowly and quietly, the sun rose and the ship began its journey into the Suez Canal.



To make the most of the day, the front deck of the ship was opened to passengers, where they could see the Sinai Peninsula on the right, and the African continent on the left. Towns came and went, and other passengers traveling along the canal waved as we went past.


The one bridge that crosses the Suez Canal is the so-called “Peace Bridge”, build with Official Development Aid from the Japanese government, and as we approached the true size and scale of the bridge became increasingly evident and impressive. Passing under the bridge, the ship at last left the canal, and headed out into the Mediterranean Ocean.