[101st Cruise Report]Cruising the Panama Canal


Today was one of the highlights of the voyage, passing through the Panama Canal! At around 5.30am the ship entered the canal, and already people were lining the decks to watch the passage through the famous canal. With a total length of 80km, and a vertical height difference of 26m, the canal using a unique system of locks. Ships enter into each lock which serves as an individual pool, where the gates close behind the ship, and then great amounts of water are added to the lock raising the water level and the ship.


With the rising water level, the ship passes through three locks and in no time goes from 0 to 26 metres, and looking back we can see the Caribbean Sea we came from. However our time in the Caribbean has come to an end and we must press on towards the Pacific. But first, we have to take advantage of this opportunity to take some photos of the occasion!


After making it to the manmade “Gatun Lake”, we pass through another three locks slowly going back down in height again. At last we pass under the Bridge of the Americas, and 8.5 hours after we started we arrive in the Pacific. It’s a unique experience that can only be experienced by ship, and with that we’ve passed through two of the most famous canals in the world, and returned to the Pacific Ocean. We now start on our journey towards the Lonely Island, Rapa Nui.