[101st Cruise Report]Port of Cristobal (Panama)



Today the ship visited Cristobal in Panama, the entrance to the Panama Canal. Located very close to the Equator, Panama has a hot humid tropical climate year-round, and stepping off the ship you can feel your clothes sticking to you in the warmth. Outside there were people from the indigenous Embera tribe selling traditional handmade goods like bags made from coconuts as well as eye-catching colourful necklaces and bracelets.



Near the port are rows of colorful buildings in pastel colours from the time of the Spanish colonisation, with many souvenir stores selling goods made by the indigenous Kuna people. The Kuna have a unique handmade style of craft called “Mola” which features images of Panamanian wildlife.


Of course mentioning Panama calls to mind Panama Hats, carefully made from intricately woven leaves and grasses, with rows of the hats on sale in all shapes and sizes.


Lunch today was a fried chicken dish called “Pollo Frito”, which comes with fried potatoes done in the local style. You can truly taste the deliciousness of the ingredients, and in no time at all we were full!


After some shopping and a tasty lunch, in no time at all the day had passed by. With many beautiful sights hard to come by in everyday life back home, it was a truly fulfilling day. Tomorrow will be the day we finally pass through the Panama Canal!