[101st Cruise Report]Okinawa Day


June 23rd is a commemorative day for Okinawa. Onboard the ship the event was named ‘Okinawa Day’, where passengers learned about the cultures and histories of Okinawa. From cuisines to dialect to the history and the current Okinawan issues, many events related to Okinawa was conducted. Passengers also got to experience the traditional Okinawan Dance, the ‘Kacha’shii’.


At night the Okinawan event still continued as a ‘Okinawa Night’, where passengers sang and danced with the Okinawa-style music and also with the choir song of ‘Hana’ by the Japanese class students along with the Sanshin guitar. Many people were also fascinated by the dynamic drums played in the traditional dance ‘Eisaa’. Although it was raining, everyone enjoyed the festival with the beat and the rhythm of Okinawa, and it was a day filled with tropical laid back Okinawan atmosphere.