[101st Cruise Report]Date Line Day ~Let’s bring back the day we lost~


Ocean Dream will soon pass the international date line. We have been adjusting the onboard time by increasing one hour every few days. This adjustment will soon add up to one day, and when we pass the international date line, this will be settled. This means that we will lose the day ‘July 11th’! Always having that feeling that we need more time, especially as we are getting close to the end of the voyage, losing ‘one day’ is truly a big loss! But not to worry, tonight we had a special event to experience a day onboard in an hour.


Starting from the radio exercise, we will have to experience the whole day into an hour. We have no time to lose! The nordic walking class also seem to be walking faster than usual. The venue was filled with audience and laughter. The ‘special day’ event ended by celebrating people who will be having a birthday on July 11th. The ship safely passed through the international date line.