[101st Cruise Report]Onboard Summer Festival ‘Let’s Borderlestival!’


The Ocean Dream is currently traveling though the South Pacific Ocean. Everyday it feels just a little bit warmer, and it is the perfect weather for an onboard summer festival! The name of the festival is ‘Borderlestival’ a combination of the words ‘Borderless’ and ‘Festival’.



The festival was held outside on the deck, and many people came together to perform.


A group led by passengers from Taiwan got together to perform a dance of the Indigenous peoples of Taiwan. The dancers moved to the rythym and the performance was a delight to watch.



A large ‘Torii’ which is the large red gateway found at the entrances of shrines was erected inside the ship as many Japanese summer festivals are held at shrines. Many participants donned the traditional Japanese summer festival attire called ‘Yukata’ and participated in activities such as ring throwing and balloon fishing.


One of the most popular events was the haunted manshion! There was a long line of people waiting to test their bravery and once in a while screams could be heard from outside!!


At night many people participated in traditional dances of Japan and Taiwan, and even though many people did not know these dances, they learned quickly by moving their body to the rythym. Everyone seemed to be having a fun time and the festival really lived up to its name as it was truly borderless. Only a month remains in the voyage, and it seems that the best is yet to come!