[102nd Cruise Report]The many onboard events at sea



Today the weather is beautiful, and the calm sea stretches out ahead.


Things are lively around the lunch table, with people meeting and introducing themselves to one another, talking about the ports they’re looking forward to, conversations continue on even after the meal has finished.


Today in the largest event space onboard, Broadway lounge, Noriyoshi Nishimura from the Japan Wellness Tourism Association Network is speaking on the theme of “travel and health”. Rather than focusing on preventing disease, Noriyoshi talks about how to walk in a healthy way, and about “wellness walking.”


This evening, a beautiful sunset was awaiting everyone out on the open deck.


And tonight onboard was one of the highlights of the voyage, the Peace Boat Anniversary event, looking back at some of the past projects of Peace Boat, as well as introducing some of the staff and highlights of the voyage to come.


After the event, the staff saw out all the passengers and although the voyage has only just begun, there are already many different events to look forward to each day.