[102nd Cruise Report]Onboard Ensemble Concert/Youth Orchestra of Caracas


We had an ensemble concert performed by the Youth Orchestra of Caracas. They usually educate and promote music at the next port of call, Venezuela, and they played live music for us today.


As many as 70% of people in Venezuela is considered poor. This program to provide education through classic music is known as ‘El Sistema’. The program delivers the message that music education is not only for the rich, and by creating an orchestra, it aims to educate discipline and people to work in teams.


The orchestra played different pieces from classic, latin and Venezuelan traditional music, and the passengers were enchanted by those music. Through the melodies of traditional music and instruments, the audience found that there was a big cultural difference from the modern music that we are normally used to listen. The concert concluded with the final piece in response to an endless round of applause; the audience greatly enjoyed the night with El sistema.