[102nd Cruise Report]New York (The United States of America)


Ocean Dream arrived to New York, on the East Coast of the United States of Americas. As we entered the port, we could see the Statue of Liberty. People woke up very early in order to try to take the best shot of the statue, wondering if it was better to take it from the port side or the starboard side. People were waiting on the open decks, even with strong winds and a quite chilly temperature, looking forward to see the Statue of Liberty.


After docking, we headed downtown of this great city New York. Just by looking up, you can see how you are surrounded by so many skyscrappers.


Headed to the restaurants to have lunch. Inside the restaurants there were many big screens were you could watch many different baseball games. As expected of the country that has the major league! Many people were enjoying these games with a big glass of beer.


I ordered this classic cheese hamburger. You can choose the how well cooked you want the meat inside it, and it is so big that it wont fit inside your mouth! I also had some flavored potato fries that were delicious.


We decided to stop at Times Square, a representative spot in New York. A place full of big neon lights, and a lot of people walking around. Looking up to the sky from this quite iluminated place, we could see the beautiful moon. This elements created a great scenery.