[102nd Cruise Report]Onboard Event -Teach us about Hiroshima!-


Peace Boat has a lot of different onboard events everyday. There are those organized by Peace Boat, but also the Self Organized Events (SOEs) organized by passengers. These SOEs are offer passengers to organize, plan and execute their own events based on their skills and interests.
From all of these events, today we would like to introduce the series “Teach us about OOOO,” organized by Peace Boat. Everytime, we would choose a topic, having both people who don’t have too much knowledge and those who know the topic very well. There, people are able to ask questions to deepen their understanding.
This time our topic was “Hiroshima.” People living or raised in Hirsohima, those who are quite familiar with it gathered to answer questions from people who are intersted in Hiroshima.



As this event was translated from Japanese to Chinese, there were many non-Japanese participants, being able to have direct answers to their questions. This time, the questions covered a wide range of topics, from the best sightseeing spots to the nuclear bomb. Each person who answered also had their own points of view, making it really interesting to hear.


People who lived in different backgrounds gathered and meet each other by coincidence, intercating and sharing their own culture and values through many events. This leads to new discoveries and connections. This is a wonderful thing that I was able to feel at this event.