[102nd Cruise Report]Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)


At 7 in the morning, the Ocean Dream made its way into its next port of call, the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. Stepping off, we were greeted by colorful clothing and vibrant music and dancing courtesy of the locals.


Santo Domingo is divided into the Old Town, where many historical buildings still remain, and the New Town, where the financial hub of the city lies. Of these two, the Ocean Dream was docked right next the Old Town.


The Old Town is the first city built by Europeans upon their arrival in the Americas, and was the home base for the Spanish colonial government as they launched their invasion of the rest of the continent. As the first colonial city founded in the New World, it was recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and today “The Colonial City of Santo Domingo” is the only World Heritage Site in the Dominican Republic.


On the banks of the Ozama River in the Mirador del Este Park lies the Columbus Lighthouse, a large monument that from above is shaped like a cross.


Despite there still being many sights left to see in the city, we began heading back to the ship for the departure ceremony, where Latin music was playing for our departure.


As we bid farewell to the Caribbean Ocean, we had one last photo to celebrate our time and the beautiful weather. And with that, we continued on our way north up the East Coast of the US, heading towards New York.