[102nd Cruise Report]We Call This Home – Why We Travel Walter Chang (Photographer, film director)



Walter Chang has visited more than 60 different countries and regions, and today he spoke about some of the lessons he learned across the course of his journey, and how this adventure of his started. He told us that “travel isn’t anything more than a way to guide you to the things that are truly important to you”, and told us that those important things aren’t simply just the beautiful sceneries, but rather the people you meet and connections you make along the way. Travel isn’t about the destination, but rather that the act of travel itself has value he says. For him, the start of his journey began when he was in university and was starting to look for work after graduation.


As a result of the financial crisis, Walter decided to give up on a job he had been aspiring towards, and found that he couldn’t simply wait doing in-between jobs, waiting for something to change for the better. “I wanted to change something about my circumstances” he says, and in the end his decision was to travel. However Walter like many people had long aspired to enter into a good school, then go into a good job, and so to move away from that path and to travel for a long period of time was not easy. Walter’s words gave us all a chance to think about what it is that we have gained from our own travels as we continue on our journey.