[102nd Cruise Report]Self Organized Events: Travel experience


One of the unique program on Peace Boat is the self organized events (SOEs). Different varieties of events are organized by the passengers, such as ‘Locals let’s meet’ or ‘Ukulele class’, ‘Soran-bushi Dance’. The SOE which was organized today by the participant is talking about travel experiences. Sharing the experience of traveling to different countries, and giving examples ‘P-MAC’, which is a project supported by Peace Boat to eliminate landmines in Cambodia, the participants talked about the importance of different types of ‘support’ at various regions.


Many people bring up SOE when they talk about the memories of global voyages. ‘Not only participating, but I really enjoyed organizing my own event.’, ‘I was able to connect with different types of people,’. This is another way of enjoying the cruise life. SOEs can broaden each person’s point of view and connection by organizing an event themselves using their skills and talents and also participating to one of those events.