[102nd Cruise Report]Quebec (Canada)



The day after Montreal, the ship arrived in its next port, Quebec. Named after the native word for “narrow waterway”, the city is indeed located where the St Lawrence River narrows. With its cobbled stone streets, the Old Town of Quebec is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so stepping off the ship and wandering around town feels like stepping into a picture book.


But of course a visit to Quebec wouldn’t be complete without maple syrup, and there are a plethora of stores filled with all kinds and varieties.


Cute little stores line the streets of Petit Champlain, where you can also find the famous Breakneck Stairs. The district is divided into the Lower and Upper towns, both of which were buzzing with tourists from all over the world come to see the autumn leaves.


Famous for its salmon and apple cider, in Quebec we had the chance to try the sparkling apple cider, which makes for a beautiful sweet wine, much like champagne.


As the sun began to set, the sky started to change colour and reflect off the autumn skyline. Back on the ship passengers could be heard saying how much they loved their time in the city, showing that despite the short space of time, both Quebec and Montreal had had their effect on the passengers. Yet the voyage must go on, and so the ship set sail for Iceland, and onto one of the highlights of the voyage, the Northern Lights.