[102nd Cruise Report]Immigration In Europe Anna Gawlewicz (Sociologist)


Today, we had a lecture by our Guest Navigator and Sociologist Anna Gawlewicz.As a social studies academic, Anna specialices in studying how immigration contributes to a more diverse and multicultural society.She is interested in immigration to the United Kingdom from Central and Eastern Europe, and particularly from Poland, studying the transition experiences and the issues related to language and security.


In her lecture, she explained the basic principles of the European Union, the mass immigration phenomena that can be observed from the east to the west of Europe, and the history of Polish immigration into the UK. The minimum wage in the UK is five times the amount of the minimum wage in Poland,I was surprised to know how these kind of economical differences are connected to immigration. From her talk I was able to feel that these immigrant were able to grab a better life by getting exposed to a new society, a new lifestyle and a new language.