[102nd Cruise Report]Lisbon (Portugal)


This morning the Ocean Dream arrived in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital and westernmost capital in Europe. Greek mythology tells the story of how Lisbon was founded by Odysseus, and today Lisbon boasts many beautiful sites. Shortly after our arrival, the sun rose and we were welcomed to the new day with a rainbow.


First we headed to Lisbon’s cathedral, where construction first began in 1147. With it’s tough frame surviving through several earthquakes, the interior is filled with beautiful light streaming in.


Lisbon’s skyline is accentuated by the great contrast between its high and low points, as well as numerous murals dotting the walls throughout the city. Seeing the unique one-off pieces as you stroll up and down the hills of Lisbon, taking in the beautiful cityscape, makes for a fantastic day.


Of course a trip to Lisbon wouldn’t be complete without listening to a little of the renowned “Fado” music. Born out of the Lisbon downtown, Fado is a local folk music that evokes the triumphs and tribulations of life, and can be heard throughout the restaurants and bars of Lisbon.


With beautiful singing voices to accompany us on our way, we listened to the music of the witching hour as we walked along the cobbled streets home.