[102nd Cruise Report]Passing through the Straits of Gibraltar


Soon after leaving Lisbon, the Ocean Dream was making its way towards the Mediterranean, and to the Straits of Gibraltar. At its narrowest the Straits are a mere 13km wide, separating the European and African continents, as well as the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. A strategically important part of ocean, the ship entered the straits from around 2pm, and the front deck was opened up so everyone could watch the ships passage.


Welcomed by a warm breeze, the recent cold aurora nights seem like a dream.


As the ship made its way forward, the continents came more clearly into view, with even villages on the African side coming into view. However with the march of time the sun also began to set, with darkness slowly setting in.


At which point we were greeted by two dolphins! In the straits there are a number of dolphins, and our new finned friends jumped a few times to the delight of everyone onboard.