[103rd Cruise Report]Pilates Eri Sarashina (Co. Global Wellbeing CEO, Pilates Diploma accredited by Australian Government)


Eri Sarashina, our guest educator, is running a pilates school to provide Japanese people, for the first time, a diploma of Australian national qualification. Today, Eri organized a pilates class for us. As expected, the “Training for Good Health” class was very popular. The class was available for 30 participants, but it filled up in the blink of an eye. It is apparent that everyone is eager for tips on how to be fit and healthy. In the class, first, we slowly warmed up our bodies. Then, as we got comfortable and ready, we stretched our muscles even further. The goal was to train to regain our muscles and natural flexibility. Some participants even commented that, “It is easier and more comfortable to use the stairs now.” It is definitely a luxury and a privilege to have these opportunities to learn how to keep in good shape onboard.