[103rd Cruise Report]Who are the CCs (Communication Coordinators) ?


Many different kinds of languages are spoken on board. CC, Communication Coordinators are the bridge that connects people who speak different languages. They are not just mere interpreters, but also coordinators of all communication on board.

We had a chance to find out more about the CCs, their roles onboard, and what they would like to accomplish during this voyage. As a team of people who are proficient in coordinating languages, their ways of presenting were also diverse and unique.

The event was MCed seamlessly in 4 languages. Some CCs used truth or false questions for their introductions, others didn’t speak a word and expressed silently his passion for CC work. Thanks to all the interesting CCs, time flew by and the event quickly came to an end. During the Q&A section, a participant said, “Well this is not a question, but I wanted to thank CCs for always helping us. Thank you!.” This event turned out to be a great one that showcased the unique personalities in the CC team. We were reminded again, that we have nothing to worry about with the support of all these fun and talented CCs.