[103rd Cruise Report]Roh Young Sim’s little concert


A guest educator (mizuan) Roh Young Sim is a poet and pianist who plays classic music sounding like ballad and ballad sounding like classic. She writes lyrics on the music score on which she composes the music. “Wish List”was the very first song she wrote for her friend and it became a big hit in South Korea. Today onboard the Ocean Dream, we held “Roh Young Sim’s little concert” that replicated the format of the popular TV program in Korea.

The venue was the library space. Roh Young Sim insisted on having the event in the specific venue although there was never a concert held in such a small space. She had decided the library space was the bets fit for her event when she walked around the ship for the first time.

The play list was kept secret until the beginning of the concert so that her performance is more aligned with the atmosphere of the day and the people. Audiences, looking into the direction of the ship’s path, were drawn into her music that reminded them of their trip and their daily life ahead. Her music was like a drama that time passed by quickly.

Of course the venue was too small for those who came to watch the concert, so the event was shown on a screen in a larger space nearby.

Her play list covered from her original music made for films and TV dramas, to popular musics of China and Japan. She also talked about her trip to Papua New Guinea and about people she met on the voyage. The concert delivered not only music but also memory from the voyage and hope for the future.