[103rd Cruise Report]Sydney (Australia) – Day 1


A great view of deep cliffs came into sight. Australia is famous for having such coastline.

Many people started to gather in the bow area.

Here comes the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge!

The ship sailed by Sydney Opera House very closely.

This is the view only seen from the water.

Passing under the Harbour Bridge…

The ship arrived in the city center area.

Walking through the historical Rocks,

Sydney Opera House! This is the view from the Harbour Bridge.

A sudden rainfall came with a really big cloud in the sky.

After the rain, there was a rainbow over Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House is a really charming building. The Danish architect Jørn Utzon made great details.

The sun sets and Sydney Opera House shows a different face in the darkening air.

The Harbour Bridge itself is also a beautiful architecture.

Closing the day with another face of Sydney Opera House. See you tomorrow Sydney!