[103rd Cruise Report]Open GET


Onboard is a the english conversation programme GET (Global English Training), which makes use of the unique traveling ship environment, which has both focused lessons onboard, as well as practical training in ports of call. The programme aims to foster the desire to speak English more as we travel, enabling students to learn as the voyage progresses. On this voyage there are many students signed up to the GET Programme, and although it is a paid program, everyday around noon there is a free “Open GET” where anyone can take part and learn.

First is a a free talk session, where everyone is able to talk to each other in English about our recent visit to Sydney. This is then built upon with a lesson focused around real situations onboard the ship, with today’s lesson going through conversations with our onboard housekeepers. Repeating this way fosters English that can be used right away, with all passengers enjoying taking part. Although passengers from Japan, South Korea, and China usually aren’t able to speak to each other, with the GET classes English becomes the common language for everyone, and the language barrier is overcome.