[103rd Cruise Report]Onboard Culture School – Wadaiko and Taikobayashi


Bom, bom, bom, bom—-! The waves of thumping drums reverberate out across the decks into the blue sky and across the open seas. Today is another class of the Onboard Culture School “Taiko Class”.

Directing the class is none other that Cruise Director Onda Natsue, who though she might not be known as a taiko player, certainly has the skill and has worked in Japan as a taiko instructor as well.

Repeating the rhythm over and over until in sinks into your bones, it’s free to participate but the class itself isn’t necessarily easy. Nonetheless everyone seems to be enjoying it and seeing the personality of Ms Onda herself.

Strict but also easygoing, Ms Onda draws everyone into the world of taiko drumming, and undoubtedly by the time the ship arrives in Japan everyone will also be as talented! There’s something very impressive about saying that you learned taiko drumming while on a boat at sea.