[103rd Cruise Report]Let’s call the dolphins!


One of the highlights of life onboard is the variety of creatures we meet, with one of the most popular of course being dolphins! However for some people it’s too long to simply wait for the dolphins to appear, and one fine day the “Dolphin Search Party” was formed, declaring that “we can’t wait any longer for the dolphins to appear, so we’ll call them ourselves!”. Is it really possible to call dolphins?!?

“Mr Do—lphin!!”. A very straightforward way to begin. This was then followed up by people playing ukeleles, tamborines, and other methods of making sound to attract the dolphins. But plenty of people had gathered with plenty of ideas nonetheless.

Tennis rackets were waved, dolphin poses were struck, the deck was awash with laughter. And at the end of all this the dolphins themselves were….nowhere to be seen. Hardly a surprise, as if it were that easy dolphins would undoubtedly have been seen many times already. But everyone headed back into the ship happy nonetheless, as a great time was had, full of fun and laughter, even if there weren’t any dolphins.

…but a few hours later, reports came in that dolphins had been spotted!! A truly enjoyable event with excellent dolphin surveillance, all the way through to the end.