[103rd Cruise Report]Rabaul (Papua New Guinea)


We arrived and set out into the town of Rabaul, out under the fluttering banner of the brilliant red and black of the Papua New Guinean flag.

From the harbour we made our way to Page Park Market just a few minutes away.

And here was what awaited us.

Everyone in the market was very friendly, and here there was a family selling traditional mumu, a Papua New Guinean dish where food is wrapped in banana leaves and placed over hot coals to steam.

There were even some tobacco leaves on sale as well!

The market took place outside, under the big blue sky.

Everyone’s clothing was so colourful, with each piece having it’s own traits and characteristics.

But more than anything else was the friendliness of the locals, everyone was so warm and inviting as if we were already good friends.


The people of Rabaul were warm and welcoming, and we hope to visit again someday.