To the Beautiful, Shining Honey-Coloured World Heritage City – Part 1


The Republic of Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea just to the south of Sicily, Italy. The capital city, Valletta, is a fortified city that seems to b floating on the sea, and the whole city is registered as a World Heritage Site. The city has over time been ruled by various ethnic and religious groups, leading to its being known as a “crossroads of civilization.” Many historic buildings have been preserved in the city, rich in history. As you stroll through the characteristic alleyways and colorful bay windows of the “Galaria”, you can enjoy the feeling of stepping back in time to the Middle Ages. With World Heritage sites, a mild climate and delicious cuisine from the freshest seafood, there is no end to the charm of this place. This is one of the most popular ports of call among the many places Peace Boat cruises visit.

Moving scenes arriving to the port, hidden in the small island country

The scenes as the ship slowly pulls into a port are some of the most exciting moments of a cruise. On any global voyage, you’ll never see a city so beautiful as Valetta welcoming the ship into port. The morning sun shines on the exterior walls of the houses covered with “Maltese Stone” hewn from the earth of the island, and the whole city shines with a soft honey colour. People quickly gather on the deck to catch a glimpse of this scene, with words such as “I’ve never seen such a beautiful city, and “There are still so many wonderful sights in the world that I’ve never seen before” flying by in admiration.

The island of Malta quietly welcomes travelers against the backdrop of the azure sea and sky. You can feel the faraway passage of time packed into the small island.

A look at the walled harbor reminds us that Malta was once a solid fortification.

The ships docked in the middle of the beautiful town look like they’ve been lost in the Middle Ages. The city continues right in front of the harbor.


Colorful bay windows in the medieval town, to the World Heritage city

Valletta is a town where the joy of walking around is concentrated. The buildings built by the Knights of the Realm around the main street are magnificent, but it’s the “everyday street” that is truly picturesque, and the wonderful thing about this city of Valletta. The simple stone buildings on both sides of the undulating narrow alleyways are decorated with red, blue, and green, unique to this city. The houses with colorful wooden bay windows are lined up, and although they may seem at first glance to be mismatched, a sense of unity is created in the landscape. Watching cars and horse carriages come and go in the midst of it, gives you the strange feeling that the eras of time have been mixed up. With brick tiles and arched columns, every part of the buildings is photogenic. You’ll want to take a photo at every turn.

The city of Valletta is beautiful with its nondescript streets, and charming view of the rows of bay windows. The colors used to decorate the windows are also stylish.

Wherever you walk, you’ll feel like you’re on a movie set. A peaceful atmosphere is flowing through the city.