Cruise through time along the Seine River, in landscapes you’ve dreamt of: Part 1


France – a country that excites the heart just by hearing the names of places and buildings. A country that many people admire and wish to visit at least once. Whether it’s history, art, food or entertainment, it is home to the best of all worlds. Not only the capital city of Paris, but each region is known worldwide for its unique culture and food. Enjoy a relaxing river cruise in such a French city. In this picturesque setting, you’ll follow a gently meandering river and encounter places associated with the Impressionists, romantic buildings, as well as famous drinks and local cuisine. Travel back in time with the river and back and forth through the history of France – an exciting journey to the land of your dreams.

Up the Seine in the Normandy breeze

The Seine River is 780km long, flowing from the city of Dijon in central France, through the capital Paris, to Le Havre, a port city in the north. On this river cruise, you will travel up the Seine in the Normandy region of northwest France. This region is known as the leading producer of dairy products, especially the creamy Camembert, known as the “Queen of Cheeses”. To accompany the cheese, try cider or Calvados, another famous apple liqueur. Wherever you go in France, the land of gastronomy, you’ll find the joy of discovering delicious food made possible by the climate and landscape of the region. What ‘local flavours’ can you expect to find in the towns you’ll visit? As you sit back the deck of the boat, with the Normandy breeze blowing, your anticipation for your journey through France will be heightened.

French wine tasting is also available on board. It’s a luxurious time to savor the local produce in a stunning setting.

In the evening, the trees cast shadows on the river’s surface and there is a magical view around. Watching the sun set in the distance, you will be amazed by the gift of light from nature.


The beautiful “Pyramid at Sea”

The starting point of the trip is Le Havre, a town at the mouth of the Seine River. It is also known as the “Home of the Impressionists” as it is the place where the French painter Monet painted “Impression, Sunrise”. Mont Saint-Michel, France’s most popular World Heritage Site, is a must-visit destination in this port town. After crossing the bridge to the island and passing through the massive gates, you’ll find yourself in a different dimension of architectural styles from various periods. With a monastery, a fortress and a prison, it has been transformed over time to reflect the history of France itself. YOur tour of the island will end with a view over the island from a remote location, where you can ponder what the pilgrims of the past must have crossed over here in search of. After a short walk back to Le Havre, the boat will pass under the Normandy Bridge.

Mont Saint-Michel stands on a rocky hill floating over a shallow sea. In the 1,000 years since it was built, it has been repeatedly renovated and restored by many people and has become a beautiful place.

The omelette, once created to fill the stomachs of pilgrims, is now a specialty of the island. The eggs are beaten thoroughly before baking, giving it a fluffy, souffle-like texture.

Monet, the leading Impressionist painter, spent his childhood in Le Havre. The André Malraux Museum of Modern Art is lined with works by Monet and other famous Impressionist painters, and it’s easy to see why this port city has been so popular with so many artists.