To “the land where long white clouds flutter”, a land colored by magnificent nature and rich culture -Part 1-


New Zealand is a country with rich nature where the Polynesian culture remains alive. Called “Aotearoa” in the language of the indigenous Maori, this land is full of natural wonders, such as it’s virgin forest with giant trees over 100 years old and the southern hemisphere’s biggest fjord the Milford Sound. Also, by walking around it’s picturesque cities, you can fell how time has flowed in this country.

The breathtaking nature created in a span of centuries, the cityscape in harmony with the abundant greenery, and the opportunity of experiencing the Polynesian culture that has been handeed down through generations, all of these things will bring you make you fall in love with New Zealand.

View of one of the best fjords in the Southern Hemisphere from a ship

Known as one of New Zealand’s most iconic landscapes, Milford Sound is one of the sceneries that travelers around the world long for the most. The fjord, which was created over many thousands of years by the advancement and retreat of glaciers, offers a number of magnificent landscapes, such as high peaks with steep cliffs and waterfalls where glacial meltwater pours into the sea. The British writer Rudyard Kipling, famous as the author of The Jungle Book, described it as “the eighth natural wonder of the world.” The dynamic scenery that goes through the steep mountains that rise from the surface of the sea is breathtaking. Breathing in the tranquil air to your heart’s content and becoming one with the overwhelming nature is an experience unique to a cruise voyage.

Visit Garden City and enjoy it’s British atmosphere

New Zealand consists of two major islands, the South Island and the North Island, and many small islands. Christchurch, the largest city and the cultural and economic center of the South Island. The city still has many remnants of the British settlers that came in the 19th century, and the landscape dotted with Gothic buildings is described as “the most English-like scenery outside of England.”

Also, because there are beautiful parks and gardens all over the city, it is also known as Garden City. If you take a walk in the city, you can feel the seasons by looking the greenery of trees and many colorful flowers.

In February 2011, a big earthquake struck the city. The cathedral, which was a symbol of the city, collapsed due to the unprecedented earthquake. Today, the “Cardboard Cathedral” is a new landmark that symbolizes the city’s reconstruction. As the name implies, this church is made of paper materials. Not only the building itself, but also the altar, chairs, and the cross on the wall are all made of paper. Although it is paper, it has a special processing, so its useful life is said to be about 50 years.

Inside the church, natural light is abundant, and it feels very open. The beautiful stained glass, which is a combination of colorful triangular glasses, and the brightness of this church represents the hope that this city has for the future.