A chest of spectacular and unexplored regions: South America (Part 2, Argentina, Brazil)


A waterfall that raises rainbows

Along with the Victoria Falls in Africa and the Niagara Falls in North America, the Iguazu Falls are one of the three largest waterfalls in the world. However, their scale far exceeds that of the other two waterfalls. With a water volume of 3.6 billion liters per minute and a vast river width of about 4 km, this waterfall, which is made up of 300 large and small waterfalls, is known as the largest waterfall in the world. It is said that Mrs. Roosevelt, surprised at the size of the Iguazu Falls, lamented “My poor Niagara” back in the day. This overwhelming-scaled waterfall is accessible from both Argentina and Brazil.

As you approach the Iguazu Falls, you can hear the sound of the waterfall before you can even see it. The sound gradually becomes louder and louder, until you finally have the waterfall in front of you. A large amount of water that rushes down, splashes of water, a roaring sound that echoes around, and a rainbow over the waterfall. You will be impressed by it’s beauty, while also be in awe of such an overwhelming power. Sightseeing at Iguazu Falls involves walking along the promenade along the waterfall and looking at the waterfall from various angles. The biggest highlight is the waterfall called “Devil’s Throat”. The name comes from the sound of the waterfall, which sounds like a devil’s growl. The power and sound resonated through my body.