A chest of spectacular and unexplored regions: South America (Part 3, Venezuela, Peru)


The waterfall flowing down from the devil’s mountain

The Guyana Highlands of Venezuela are somtimes refered as the last unexplored region of the earth. It is a place where more than 100 rocky mountains rise vertically in the vast rainforest. These rocky mountains are called Table Mountains because their top is flat. And their peaks are a paradise of endemic species, creatures that have evolved differently from the lower world, just like an isolated island on land. One of these table mountains is Auyantepui, which means “devil’s mountain” in the local language. Here, we find a waterfall that runs down from the top of this mountain, the Angel Falls, the tallest in the world with a height of 979m.

The Angel Falls is so high that it’s water does not reach the surface of the earth and disappears as fog. Therefore, it is also known as a waterfall that does not have a basin, a true wonder of the world. There are two main ways to see this waterfall. One is to get on the Cessna plane and see the whole picture from the sky. The other is to take a boat up the river and walk in the jungle to see the waterfall falling from far above. Of course, both methods allow you to fully enjoy the real thrill of the Guyana Highlands. I am sure this waterfall can impress anyone.

A miracle fountain that blesses a small village

Because of it common sunny weather, this town of southern Peru is called Ica or “the land of the sun”. Right west to it, in the desert region, we can find the small village of Wakachina -the oasis of South America. Spring water filling the desert depression, palm trees and acacia trees lined up around it, along with small buildings. The scenery of an oasis is spreading, as if you were jumping into a fairy tale. Popular activities in this village are sandboarding, which slides on sandy slopes just like snowboarding, and sand buggies, which run through deserts without roads. Playing in the sand while enjoying this view is surely refreshing.