Port cityscapes that fill our voyage with colors (Part 1)


There are many sceneries you can see from the deck. Somedays, you can enjoy the view of the mirror-like calm sea, and some times the textures that appear on the surface of the ocean when it’s hit by the rain. But a big part of the beautiful sceneries that are unique to a cruise, are the exciting sights that you get too see when entering or leaving the ports. Some people say that the real pleasure of a cruise lies in the arrivals and departures, where an atmosphere is weaved with threads of expectations and nostalgia. On a voyage, you can meet many harbors with different characteristics, there are those with amazing night views where the neon signs of skyscrapers glitter, those full of dynamic nature, and those with a cityscape just came out of a knight’s tale.

Three beautiful ports that represent the Southern Hemisphere.

Sydney, Australia’s leading tourist city, has a beautiful landscape of natural coves and sophisticated cityscapes. This city is one of the three most beautiful ports in the world and is known for its beautiful port entry and departure scenes. As the ship approaches the city of Sydney, people start to gather on the deck. Beyond our eyes we can see the famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Cheers rise from the deck as everyone gets excited at this scenery that can only be enjoyed from the ship. After passing through the Harbor Bridge, we are already in the center of the city. Everyone has great expectations for their time in Sydney.

The opera house, with its impressive design reminiscent of shells, is a spot that you definitely want to enjoy not only from the sea but also from the land. The curved white roof with more than one million tiles looks beautiful from any angle. Next, we head to the Harbor Bridge, which is also known as the bridge with the most lanes in the world. From the rooftop of the tower that supports the bridge, you can see the blue sky, the sea and the cityscape of Sydney. And at the time of departure, we pass through the Harbor Bridge, next to the opera house, and gradually move away from the city. Saying goodbye to the shrinking Sydney, as the ship heads for the next port.

A cosmopolitan city with skyscrapers

The port of New York is a representative one of the east coast of North America. When entering and departing the port, the boat goes between the skyscrapers of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty giving it a dramatic feeling to it. The Statue of Liberty, is welcoming us to the States! I think of this, while I realized that we just came to New York. The scenery when entering the port in the morning is also picturesque, but the scene of departure at night when the ship leaves New York is exceptionally beautiful. The skyscrapers shining in the night sky, the illuminated Statue of Liberty, and the colorful neon signs—the night view of New York from the sea is exceptional.

The beautiful Heaven’s Valley

Valparaiso, located in southern Chile, is also a port city known for its beautiful nightscape. The city of Valparaiso, with its rows of houses on the slopes, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its beauty and historical value. At the same time as the dusk arrives, the night view of Valparaiso emerges. The soft, warm orange light is not the brightness of skyscrapers or neon signs, but the lights of private houses. Each of these lights represents someones life—it’s no wonder that Valparaiso is called the “Heaven’s Valley” when you see this scene.