Port cityscapes that fill our voyage with colors (Part 2)


A port city surrounded by power spots.

Cape Town, one of Africa’s most popular touristic destinations, is a great place to encounter dramatic scenery and natural phenomena. Here, we are welcomed by the Table Mountain, a mountain with a very flat and wide summit. Because one can predict the weather and the wind by looking at the clouds and mist near the top, Table Mountain is also called “Dr. Cape”. During summer, when the boat docks on Cape Town, the clouds sit on the summit of the mountain, creating the “tablecloth phenomena,” a very rare natural phenomena. Sometimes, we are able to see this beautiful tablecloth scene when we enter the port.

A world heritage city hidden by fjords

Kotor, the ancient capital of Montenegro, is small city facing the Adriatic Sea. Due to its special location, surrounded by the sea in front and steep mountains in the back, the city still retains its medieval cityscape. Not only the old town, which is registered as a World Heritage Site, but also the magnificent views when entering and leaving the port between the fjords is a big highlight. Clouds, blue sky, steep mountains are reflected in the deep ultramarine sea. The ship arrives in the old town, surrounded by ramparts and covered with orange roofs—the fjord views and stunning cityscape will be an unforgettable memory of your trip.

A honey-colored fortress city

Valletta is the capital of the Republic of Malta, an island country in the Mediterranean Sea, and is also one of the ports known for its beautiful docking scenes. The entire city of Valletta, a fortified city floating on the sea, is registered as a World Heritage Site. Floating in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, a cityscape made of unique honey-colored limestone called “Malta Stone” -a breathtaking view welcomes the ship. The scenery as if the ship had traveled back in time to the Middle Ages naturally makes me excited. Even though it is widespread in the world, Valletta may be the only place where such a beautiful cityscape welcomes the arrival of ships.

Encounters and farewells in my heart

Docking in or departing the ports provide us opportunities to see beautiful scenes, but sometimes, to be welcomed and seen-off by the locals can leave much deeper impression. Da Nang, Vietnam is one such port of call. The exchange program to deepen friendships with local young people is a popular program for Peace Boat when calling at Da Nang. When you get off the ship, everyone that will take part in the programme will welcome you. They will guide you around the city, show off each other’s some performance, and have a meal together.

And at the time of departure, our new Vietnamese friends, will see us off until they can’t see the ship anymore. If you look at the quay, you may see posters with prhases such as “WE LOVE YOU” and “Aishiteiru”. Many people study Japanese for this day. Some participants were impressed by these wonderful messages. Words such as “Thank you!” and “See you again!” are exchanged. By repeating these encounters and farewells, the ship continues to travel around the world.