A Port City that Connects the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea


Balboa is the gateway to the Pacific Ocean side of the magnificent Panama Canal, which connects the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The city is surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest that is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Searching for Historical Traces

Casco Antiguo, the ancient capital of Panama, is lined with colonial buildings. The old town is registered as a World Heritage site because it still retains many vestiges from the Spanish colonial period. The Cathedral, the symbol of the old town, stands out prominently facing the Independence Square. The majestic cathedral took more than 100 years to complete. The Church of San Jose, located near Independence Square, has a golden altar. On the other hand, Panama City, the capital of Panama City, has a modern cityscape with soaring skyscrapers, contrasting the old and the new.

Colorful Culture of Indeginous People

One of Peace Boat’s unique ways to spend time in Balboa is to take an optional tour to interact with the indigenous people. You can visit the Embera community to experience traditional music and dance, and interact with the local people. You will also enjoy souvenirs of local handicrafts and boat rides through the lush tropical rainforest. Another popular program is to experience the beautiful handicrafts “mora” of the Kuna community. Kuna women have preserved the traditions handed down from generation to generation by wearing a mora. Please enjoy the time to learn and share the history and culture of the indigenous people.


PHOTO:PEACEBOAT, Yuruki Shiho, Adobe Stock