A Historic City of Maritime Trade Prosperity


Wenzhou is a port city that has long thrived on sea trade, and in the 12th and 13th centuries, it greatly developed as a port for foreign commerce. In addition to the bustling city, visitors can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding area.

A Warm Commercial Town

Although Wenzhou has long prospered from maritime trade and was designated in the 1980s as an economic and technological development zone along with Dalian and Shanghai, the city still retains a quiet and rustic atmosphere. The Wenzhou Museum traces the city’s history as a prosperous commercial port, including ceramics and sculptures made by the Wenzhou people, who excelled at handicrafts. The museum offers visitors a glimpse into more than 5,000 years of Wenzhou’s history. Wuma Street, where Western-style stone buildings built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries still remain, has been Wenzhou’s most prosperous district since the 10th century. It is a tasteful spot with many stores lined up in retro buildings.

Visit one of the Ten Famous Mountains of China

The Yandang Mountains are one of the most famous scenic spots in China, and many painters and poets have praised its majestic appearance. Yandang Mountains, which was created by active volcanic activity about 100 million years ago and has been eroded over the years to create a unique landscape, has been recognized as a World Geopark for its geological value. The landscape is truly breathtaking. Visitors are captivated by the magnificent landscape of oddly shaped rocks, sharp peaks, waterfalls, caves, and other spectacular sights.

PHOTO:PEACEBOAT, Adobe Stock, shutterstock.com