A Beautiful Port Town Representing South Italy


Naples is Italy’s third largest city after Rome and Milan. The scenic view of the Bay of Naples, overlooking the majestic volcano Vesuvius, is so beautiful that it has long been said, “See Naples and then die.”

One of the World’s Leading Gastronomic Destinations

The history of Naples dates back to ancient Greek times. Besides, the beautiful landscape around the Bay of Naples, the city is full of sites, such as cathedrals, churches, castles, and other attractions, which bring the city’s history to life. In this city that is registered as a World Heritage site, you will enjoy the streetscape where historical elements dating back to B.C. and a vibrant downtown atmosphere coexist. Naples is also world famous for its gastronomy. Pizza Margherita, in particular, is said to have originated in Naples, and there are many long-established and popular restaurants in the city. You can also try Neapolitan cuisine, which uses plenty of fresh seafood and Mediterranean tomatoes.

The Most Beautiful Coast Line

Amalfi, a luxury resort on the Mediterranean coast, is located about 50 kilometers south of Naples. It is bordered by steep cliffs, and houses are densely clustered against the cliffs. The magnificent scenery created by the intricate topography has earned it the title of “the most beautiful coastline in the world.” It has also been registered as a World Heritage site. The 40-kilometer stretch of coastline from Sorrento to Salerno offers spectacular views of sheer cliffs, colorfully painted houses, soaring towers, and bridges that pass over cliffs. Enjoy the stunning scenery of the azure sea, colorful houses, and beautiful coastline.

The World of Ancient Rome

The ruins of Pompeii is an ancient city that was buried in ash and lava by a volcanic eruption. It is amazing to see how well-preserved the ancient Roman streets and stonework are. The city was well-planned: streets followed a grid pattern and and water and sewage systems were installed. Today, the mosaics that decorated the houses remain vivid, both in design and color. You can feel the vividness of people’s daily lives in the old days. Walking around the ruins, you will feel as if you have stepped back in time to the glory of ancient Rome.

PHOTO:PEACEBOAT, AdobeStock, shutterstock.com