A Cosmopolitan City at the Forefront of Culture


The ship docks at Tilbury at the mouth of the River Thames. As the outer harbor of the capital, it has long played an important role as a ‘sea gateway’ to London and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Where Traditions Meet Modernity

London is a cosmopolis where diverse cultures and ethnic groups exist in harmony. Each area of London looks and feels different, offering a mix of deeply rooted traditions and the latest culture. Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Royal Family, is a must-see spot. The “City” is a famous financial district with many famous tourist attractions, so you will find inspiration just by strolling around. Enjoy this cosmopolitan city where you will discover something new every time you visit.

Walking by the Riverside

The area around the River Thames in London is home to many famous tourist attractions. The Tower of London, a World Heritage Site built in the 11th century, has served as a palace for the monarch, as well as a mint, observatory, bank, zoo, and prison. It is still used for royal ceremonies today. Tower Bridge, located near the Tower of London, is another must-see spot. This beautiful bridge over the River Thames has a Gothic-style tower with an observation deck from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Those who want to see the beautiful Tower Bridge from the front can join a cruise that travels the Thames.

Discovering Mysterious Megaliths

Stonehenge is a megalithic structure on the plain in southern England. The gigantic stones overwhelm visitors. When and how the site was constructed is gradually unraveled. However, why it was constructed remains a mystery. There are various theories about what Stonehenge was made for: a Celtic chapel, an astronomical observatory, and a King’s tomb. Yet, the most popular one claims that Stonehenge was either a sun-worshiping or burial site. This is because the sun rises along the straight line connecting the 6-meter-high basalt rock and the stone in the center. Please enjoy the mysterious and mystical site that fascinates people from all over the world.

PHOTO: PEACEBOAT, Mizumoto Shunya, Adobe Stock