The Onboard Sports Day!!! (92nd Voyage)


Here comes the onboard Sports Day!!! The 4 captains from Team Red, Yellow, Blue and White swore for the sportsmanship and fairness in completing for the Sports Day in front of all the participants under the sunny sky!



The opening ceremony began by having every participants shouting out the pharse “Let’s Beyond!” This is to signifying the theme of the biggest event onboard – “To exchange beyond generations!”


And, the exciting but fun competitions began! 





Big smiles and “Hi-Five” from the winners!



After a whole morning of busy game scheudles, everyone took a break and enjoy the “deep fried pork curry rice”, socalled “Katsukare” in Japan which has the meaning of the “winning curry”. This is a traditional Japanese menu to be served at sports day or before examinations in Japan for wishing the participants with good luck! 



The afternoon section began with the cheering team competition. Each cheering team did their very best in cheering for their own teams after practising day after day for the event. All teams were so unique and enthusiastic, it was really difficult for the judges in choosing the winner. 


And now the afternoon competition began…



Climax of the day – The Tug of War! 





Men and women, young and old, all gave in with their everything for the team and for the day!



And here comes the winner – Team Red, congratulations! Yet, the most important thing is, everybody did their parts and enjoying with big smiles on the their faces! Once again, thank you and “Otsukaresama” (Good Job!)