93rd Peace Boat Cruise returns to Yokohama on 22nd March,2017



Today, the 93rd Peace Boat Cruise, “Global voyage” of Ocean Dream will end, and will dock at Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal.

It feels like this Global voyage has been long, but also short, and now the 104 days voyage is finally over.

When Ocean Dream has departed form Japan, it was still a cold winter,

but now we can feel that the spring season has come.

We can see families and friends welcome and waving hands to us on the deck.

By seeing them, we pause to realize that we are back.



After seeing off our travel companions who disembark at Yokohama, the Ocean Dream will head to Kobe port.

Carrying different emotional thoughts, the Ocean Dream now makes its way to Kobe,

the final destination of this trip.