Mah-jongg ~Indian Ocean Cup~


Mah-jongg ~Indian Ocean Cup~ has opened!!! Almost 50 people who are from teenager to

octogenarian have enrolled to play the match.



Mah-jongg is one of the popular event onboard. The Mah-jongg table is located at where you can

see the horizon, which give us a feeling of freedom. In normal times, we see a veteran players

teach how to play to young beginners. This time, they were separated into two levels; beginner and




The cup has started at 10AM. We hears voices from five tables, such as “it is coming!!” or “No

away!!” and so on. Also the spectator enjoy the game, saying things like “oh my god, are you

going to throw that!?”.

There are a semifinal and final game in tournament. All games have finished at 4PM. It really was

an exciting event!