Stop at Cagliari, “Sardegna”(Italy)


Here we are in Cagliari, Italy! Actually, we, this 95th

cruise, will be the very first cruise among all other

past cruises to stop at this port.!

Cagliari is the southern entrance of Sardegna, the second largest island in Aegean. We went through the

street with stylish cafes and restaurants, and headed to a lookout platform where we could overlook the




A castle wall is surrounding the old town that is spreading over the hill. The lookout located at the corner

is “Terazza Umberto”. It has been built on the fort of Spanish armed force in 19th

century. Since the long

marble stairs was under construction, we took the elevator to the top.



From the height, we could see many domes of churches between brick roofs. We could also look over the

ships floating on the Gulf of Cagliari, as well as until Aegean, and a beautiful blended scenery of red

brick and blue sky. It is 12:00, and we can hear a bell ringing 12 times. Since there are many high towers

in the town, the swaying bell is easily seeing from there.



When we looked toward the sea, there we could see our Ocean Dream!!



In the old town, we saw many old and pleasant buildings. When we kept walking up the hill, a

Romanesque church appeared before us.



Next to it was a royal palace, and when we entered, we could see many rooms with gorgeous chandeliers.



Although it normally charged to enter, since today was a day of an event, it was free of charge. In

addition to that, a local university student gave us a detailed explanation of the place, which was another

benefit for us!!



When we went further, a tower of San Pancrazio built in 14th

century as a fort of part of a castellated wall

appeared. This is also one of the highlights of the town.



Then we moved to National Archaeological Museum, which was told as a must see place in Cagliari. The

place displays model remains of the natives, as well as excavated artifacts. An advanced civilization of

more than 3000 years surprises us. Furthermore, the fact that the pots and dolls looked so much alike

those of Jomon period in Japan gave us somewhat a sense of familiarity.



The amphitheater of roman period has appeared. The largest piece in Sardegna was built by boring the

rocks, and we could see and feel the nice breeze from the sea from there.



Now we became hungry from lots of walking, it was lunch time. When we think of Italy, it is pizza!

When we asked for the one the pizzeria recommended, the waiter brought us a pizza with a lot of

anchovies. The salty taste of anchovies go so good with a beer!!



For a desert, we enjoyed gelato. Since this store was famous for the world best gelato, it made us hard to

decide which one to get.



The time went by so quick in the beautiful town of Cagliari. Although there were many hills, because of

them, we were able to find many spots that commanded nice views!! We saw many people enjoying the

view here and there. It was a happy day for both our eyes and stomach!!