A gathering of wine tasting


For wine lovers, an event of wine tasting was held that day!! Five different wines originally from the

ports of calls of this 94th

Peace Boat were chosen out of the bar menu. Among them, we could see some

famous brands!!

The site for the event was a bar using piano as its motif, and a pianist, Danny, played piano during the


Wine aroma was spreading all over in this elegant atmosphere.



Various wines including white, red, as well as sparking wines were introduced. Each one was brought to

us, and with our guest educator, Atsushi Yoshioka, we spent the time enjoying the wine tasting and also

gaining our knowledge about wine

Each time when participants took a sip, they raised their voices saying, “Delicious!”. The connoisseurs of

wine said, “It is pleasant to visit the ports of calls, but wine also makes a great memory”. It was a

satisfying event for all participants.