Travelling accessories – Intermediate class


May 20, 2017

Unique accessories of the country are very attractive!!

Although many of us buy accessories as a souvenir, it is also a good chance to buy those at your favorite

country and make our own accessories with them!!
With such concept, a self-planning event was held by a passenger.
The beginner class of this event was held before, so today we had an intermediate class. Everybody is
bringing their favorites accessories, saying, “I bought this at Portugal” “I bought this at Italian market”
and so forth.

This event planner Ms. Sugaya is keeping the items separately by places where she has bought the

accessories. By doing so, she will have no problem finding the items and be able to combine those that

are from various ports of calls to make her one and only accessory.

Because of the global voyage, one accessory can have many items from various ports of calls, and it

makes us more enjoyable!!

By putting on an accessory with a memory, it become more and more valueable to ourselves.



By using two pliers, we dismantle metal fittings and make a circle with a wire.

With the chain or string we like, we make a neckless, bracelet or a strap.

If someone cannot decide which combination to choose, Ms. Sugaya will give a quick advice.

Passenger from Taiwan also joined the event and received the lesson with gestures and made an

accessory together.

You can make those as your own souvenirs or a gift for somenoe you care about. Handmade accessory

will become your treasure at the end of the voyage.