The guest educator will appear on TV!


July 31, 2017 at 9:00 pm
Channel U / National Dishes

*Please check television schedule for details.

The guest educator of 95th Peace Boat voyage Mr. Yoshinori Tezuka will appear on TV.
He is a Sushi Chef, 4th generation of a 100-year-old sushi restaurant called “Matsunozushi” in Tokyo.
After graduating from Keio university in Japan, he went to Swiss, Italy, Canada and New Zealand for 4
years as a Ski guide to learn about the culture of those countries.
He went back to Japan when he turned to 26 and started his apprentice.
Making use of his language and communication skill, he started to offer catering Sushi service for VIP
private parties and conducting lectures of Japanese culture through Sushi at universities and companies.
His theme is “through Sushi to guide the Japanese food culture”. Mr. Tezuka will share with us his
experience of “making Sushi a lecture for foreign tourists” and “lecture of Sushi” through his lectures
and seminars onboard.
He is a new generation of Sushi chef to catch our eyes.
Also, he is certified by the Japan Sommelier Association and being a qualified Fugu (Blowfish) Chef.


Let’s look forward to his lectures on the 95th Peace Boat voyage!